Ta Wan, the delicacy that is never doubted.

The delicacy of Chinese cuisine wherever it is indeed never doubted. The same is true for Chinese food restaurants, Ta Wan, which has since been established, still provides delights that are never in doubt. The name Ta Wan is taken from Mandarin which means large bowl (ta).

As the name implies, the mainstay menu in this restaurant is a diverse menu of Chinese porridge which is served using a large bowl. This special porridge from Ta Wan has a soft texture, not too runny and not too thick. The dish is really right. The pulp content is like chicken, fish meat and the air is abundant. Coupled with the sprinkling of cakwe that is unmitigated on it. No wonder the porridge menu at Tawan is a legendary dish that is loved by everyone. Aside from serving porridge, Ta Wan also still has many menu variations. There are various menus of soups, processed seafood, processed meat, processed vegetables, sapo, variations of noodle dishes, various types of fried rice, package menus and drinks to complement your meal.

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