Last update: 15-Jun-2020

We are back and ready to welcome you! ?

Comply with health protocols while at TSM Bandung:

1 Check body temperature at each mall entrance, and require the use of masks for employees, visitors and vendor workers.

2. Provision of portable sinks along with hand soap in the lobby / mall entrance.
3. Providing hand sanitizers in the mall area (entrances, toilets, pillars, elevator da musholla).

4. Applying physical distancing by making a limit line per 1.5 meters for the cashier queue and seat visitors.

5. Spraying disinfectants and general cleaning regularly throughout the mall area, as well as sterilization of all customers, tenants and other parties to participate in maintaining hygiene and health.

6. Limit the number of visitors in the elevator to a maximum of 4 people.

TSM Bandung always pays attention to the aspects of hygiene and safety in their respective units and the health and wellness of employees, tenants, vendor workers and visitors.

Let's step into a new lifestyle safely!

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